Call for Papers

Personalized TV/media experiences are becoming mainstream. Recommender systems and other personalization technology are frequently included in television sets and second screen applications.

Current systems lack one major ability: to be empathic, to take appropriate actions based on intentions or emotions of persons in front of the TV.

This workshop has two major goals:

  1. Bring together researchers and practitioners that work in the domain of affective computing and social-aware multimedia. We solicit contributions from different viewpoints including interaction and sensing technologies, TV production and distribution, psychology, sociology, human-computer-interaction.
  2. Discuss potential contributing technologies as well as (evaluation of) application concepts and services, and identify challenges, opportunities, threats and strengths of these technologies in specific scenarios. These can include, but are not limited to: TV peripherals that can detect intentions or emotions, interaction techniques or social-aware TV applications (that trigger empathic experiences), empathic recommender systems or new program formats.

Participants are selected using a position statement and (reference to) CVs of potential participants. The former can be under the form of a position paper (2 pages in the TVX format) or an alternative format, such as a presentation (including video). Each submission should be focused and contain reflection.

Contributions will be selected process by the organizers and experts in the field based on relevance, originality, complementarity and expected benefits to the workshop discussions.

At least one author of accepted position statements should attend the workshop and all participants must register for the TVX conference.