Technical program

This will be announced as soon as the paper review process has finished.

The organizers foresee 2 parts. One part with oral presentations where authors present their position statements. The other half of the workshop will be devoted to interactive groups discussions, with a general wrap-up and conclusion at the end of the workshop.

Accepted contributions:

Sean Tan, Jan Van Den Bergh, Johannes Schöning and Kris Luyten, Towards Empathic TV Interaction using Body Postures

Alexandre Denis, Samuel Cruz-Lara, Nadia Bellalem and Lotfi Bellalem, Visualization of affect in movie scripts

Paul Marrow, Why Recommendation of Interactive TV is Rarely Empathic but Could Be

Joel Dumoulin, Maria Sokhn, Elena Mugellini, Omar Abou Khaled, Marco Bertini and Alberto Del Bimbo, Empathic TV Experiences for Visually and Hearing Impaired People Using Arousal Modeling

Calliope Georgousi, Innovating iTV browsing: Appraising an affective search engine through a co-design workshop

Ioan Marius Bilasco, Adel Lablack and Taner Danisman, Data analysis of TV Shows viewers

Koen Willaert and Mike Matton, Empathic media personalization based on actionable moods