Organizing committee

IMG_8362Dr. Jan Van den Bergh is a senior researcher and project leader in computer science with a focus on human computer interaction. He obtained a PhD in computer science (human computer interaction) from Hasselt University in 2006.
He performs and guides research on projects that deal with context-aware interaction (with television), including interdisciplinary research projects and theses on participatory interactive television, the use of second screen devices to interact with television applications and non-intrusive detection of emotions and intentions when watching television.

mikemattonDr. Mike Matton holds Master’s degrees in Informatics and Artificial Intelligence from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. He obtained his PhD in computer science from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2009. His Ph.D. research involved example based methods for speech and pattern recognition. He joined the research labs of the VRT broadcasting organization in October 2009 as a researcher in the research domain of information management. His main research focusses on applying artificial intelligence techniques in the broadcasting domain, as we as methods for managing metadata. He is an active member of several metadata-related expert groups and chair of the expert group on automated information extraction within the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Koen_06Koen Willaert is a researcher at iMinds SMIT VUB, Belgium. He obtained  a master degree in experimental psychology. He is working in the field of user centered design and human computer interaction. With a clear focus on users and stakeholders, he is integrating social research within all phases of innovative technology development using a broad range of research techniques. He has been involved in numerous interdisciplinary research projects in a variety of application domains such as Interactive and social TV, 3DTV, immersive communication, affective computing, context-aware services, digital-out-of-home, virtual worlds, empathic products and robotics.

Prof. Dr. Kris Luyten is a professor in computer science at Hasselt University. He is a member of the HCI research group of the Expertise Center for Digital Media, a research institute of Hasselt University.
His main research interests are situated in Context-Aware User Interfaces, Model-Based and User-Centered Interface Development, Multi-touch Interaction, Mobile Guides, Ubiquitous Computing and Social and Collaborative Software. Kris Luyten has published at top tier venues for these topics, served as a co-chair for the CHI 2008 Work-in-Progress track, full paper co-chair for EICS 2011 and EICS 2013 and short paper co-chair for AMI 2012. He is member of ACM SIGCHI, IFIP working group 2.7/3.14 on UI engineering and the EICS steering committee.
Recent research work includes deducing affective states based on posture information, which will be featured at the ACM IUI 2013 and Persuasive 2013 Conferences. More on his research can be found at